The ultimate handwriting app

Lesson.6 - Sample Documents

An innovative handwriting app for use on all tablets

The comfortable feel of the pen tools!

I have introduced the various features of Note Anytime in previous issues. This time, let me introduce what you can do with Note Anytime functions. Because Note Anytime allows you to use combine both typed text and handwritten words, you can easily create a variety of documents.
6 series of articles about Note Anytime have been published In the digital gadget magazine "flick!"「flick! Digital」

Share documents easily with Shared Drive. Shared notes have become especially convenient.

One of the basic functions of Note Anytime, the cloud service “Digital Cabinet” has been used to create the sharing feature, Shared Drive. Starting with version 2.1, this has become even easier to use, and the details are explained here.
In order to use Shared Drive, users must register with Digital Cabinet, and apply for the Anytime Paid Option (currently available free for a limited time).