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MetaMoJi Share


is a new app that expands the possibilities of "meeting online". Instead of just showing static content during the meeting, MetaMoJi Share makes it possible to visually interact with the documents, adding new pages, graphics and even handwriting.


You can import PDF or MS Office documents, or start from scratch using the comprehensive tool suite. Real-time visual communication encourages everyone to participate and dynamically “Think Together”!  

Think Together

Share ideas with your team or customers across town or around the world within the scalable blank canvas of MetaMoJi Share.  Need more space?  Simply shrink one part of the workspace and free up a virtually limitless amount of whitespace to continue uninterrupted brainstorming. The slick vector graphic environment of MetaMoJi Share allows teams to sketch schema, import graphs and documents, visually brainstorm new designs and work together in highly productive meeting sessions.


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words:  MetaMoJi Share permits true collaborative brainstorming just as if you were sitting down with some colleagues over a napkin in a coffee shop.  Your inspirations can be captured, saved, tagged and shared in real-time brainstorming sessions without the frustration of typical shared document environments.


Any work session in MetaMoJi Share can be saved in standard PDF format or as a Share Note which anyone can access with the free trial version of MetaMoJi Share environment. Results of team collaboration can be sent via Email, Twitter or Facebook or saved to Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox.

MetaMoJi Share is for:


Massive Multi-User Document Editing (up to 100 participants)


Ideal for conferences, meetings, seminars and classes


Scalable White Canvas with Vector Graphic Resolution


Never run of space with infinite zooming!

Simple Permission Levels


Chose between “Moderator”, “Presenter” or “Reviewer”

Secure Storage


The in-app cloud storage environment called Digital Cabinet will automatically save each document and record every input – whether in real-time or as participants log in to virtual sessions. 


MetaMoJi Share Applications


Please check the price in the store
Share Service

MetaMoJi Share Lite will allow anyone to download the app for free.


You can participate unlimited number of meetings And you can start 10 meetings or meetings within 1GB of meeting quota.

You need to purchase a service option to organize meetings:


• 1 GB (1 month[*1] or 12 months)

• 5 GB (1 month or 12 months)

• 10 GB (1 month or 12 months)

• 100 MB Extension (this month only)

[*1] The app includes “1GB (1 month)”

for the first time purchase.

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