MetaMoJi Share Anytime Showcase

Showcase - 03. Kazuhiro Shiozawa Research Class

We heard that Seikei University Faculty of Law professor and Note Anytime user Kazuhiro Shiozawa had begun using Share Anytime with his research students, so we paid his class a visit.
Seikei University Faculty of Law Research Students using Share Anytime in class.
Each student added individual notes and photos to the assignment materials.
On the day we attended, the class topic was based on a court case study of an accident. The people involved in the case had a complicated contractual relationship, and the students were told to diagram these relationships. The presenting student had prepared some explanatory materials on his iPad and uploaded it to Share Anytime. The other students each had an iPad, where they underlined phrases, added definitions to words they didn't understand, and pasted photos and maps that they found during the class. Additionally, the students each drew their own diagram within the framework of Share Anytime.
During the class, the Share Anytime screen was shared between all participants, so everyone could see each other's notes. They worked on their own diagrams while getting inspiration from the notes of others. Professor Shiozawa could see everyone's notes, and was able to give advice to individual students in real time.
Students diagrammed the relationships. In this view, all of the student diagrams can be viewed in a single screen.
When I interviewed Professor Shiozawa about using Share Anytime to allow students and teachers to share notes during class, he had the following to say.
Professor Kazuhiro Shiozawa says, "Share Anytime helped the students and teachers to challenge one another."
"By using Share Anytime in my research class, I found that my students became more active, more than I expected. It is meaningful for students and teachers to meet together to challenge each other in many ways. In regards to this, I think that by using Share Anytime, we can exceed our limits in all directions in ways we weren't able to do before. I think the Share Anytime app is going to go far to expand the possibilities of my classes."
In this university research class, we were able to see another use for Share Anytime where everyone can share information and react to that information while refining their ideas.
This has shown how Share Anytime makes a new method of study possible, where participants can share their thoughts with others in real time, and deepen their own thinking.
Ukigawa Hatsuko